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I live and work remotely in Arlington, VA building eggheadio.

Getting Started with Gatsby Themes

What is a Gatsby Theme Themes allow you to package up the functionality of any gatsby site in a sharable and extenible way. Themes are NPM installable Gatsby sites - Chris Biscardi Gatsby… Read Article →

Everyday Information Architecture Take Aways

Introduction Everyday Information Architecture , written by Lisa Maria Martin (LMM) , starts off by explaining how constraints make things easier to find. When you are designing how your… Read Article →

Set Up React Router in Rails

Heres the situation: We have a react screen that has been developed using mock data. It's finished, now you need to get it into production. At , we are using React on Rails to… Read Article →

Mobx Window Size Store

We will create a store that keeps track of the window size in an application. We will call this store WindowSizeStore . The store will need a screenWindow observable to keep track of the… Read Article →

Using Rails Console To Turn Data Into a CSV

Say you have data in a Rails 4.2.8 postgres 9.6 database that you need to turn into a CSV . Rails makes it super easy to extract data through rails console. First we want to start the… Read Article →

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