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I live and work remotely in Arlington, VA building eggheadio.


Rails Omniauth CSRF Detected error

At egghead, we just implemented a new login screen in React. We use Ruby on Rails as our backend so this meant converting our old users/sessions/new.html.erb file to a React component. Or… Read Article →

How do you Teach a Beginner Topic?

I have been writing a lot more over the past couple of months. It is easy for me to write about things that I am interested in learning. These are generally more advanced development topics… Read Article →

Get Started with JavaScript in the Browser

What is the DOM? If you would prefer to watch this post, you can do so with this community resource lesson on . DOM stands for Document Object Model. It's the interface that… Read Article →

Yarn 2 🧶

Yarn 2, after almost 2 years, has released a stable version. There are some major upgrades. So much so that many people in the community feel like it needs to be released under a different… Read Article →

Use Notion to Organize your Brain

We've been using Notion at egghead for the past couple of months. Notion lends a lot of flexibility around how you structure your pages with their blocks/pages in pages structure. Notion… Read Article →

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