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I live and work remotely in Arlington, VA building eggheadio.


🎄 Advent of Code Day 4 2019

I used Quokka.js to solve this problem. It lets you get the values of your code directly inline. You can read the challenge here . tldr; We have to find the count of numbers within a range… Read Article →

Dont run npm with sudo

If you install node with root access, npm will ask you to run the sudo command every time you try to install a global package. The npm docs suggest that you either reinstall npm with a… Read Article →

Fast Ruby Test's with FactoryBot#build_stubbed

FactoryBot#build_stubbed allows you to make faster test with less time in the database. This is paired with rspec's allow(Model).to receive(:method) for some really nice flexibility. Say… Read Article →

Add Options To A Gatsby Theme

Chris Biscardi posted 3 different blog posts going over how to add options to a gatsby theme. Applying theme options using React Context This option seems the most straight forward if you… Read Article →

📝 The Complete Guide to FaunaDB

These are notes on Chris Biscardi's FaunaDB playlist . An Introduction to FaunaDB Fauna is a document store. Uses a lambda calculus query language. Key terms: snap shot isolation strict… Read Article →

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