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Use Notion to Organize your Brain

We've been using Notion at egghead for the past couple of months. Notion lends a lot of flexibility around how you structure your pages with their blocks/pages in pages structure.

Notion stores artifacts that different projects create. These artifacts, like notes or zoom meetings are stored in their respective tables for easy reference later. This allows our fully remote team to work in the open and effectively communicate.

Notion excels at wiki-style structures with its pages and blocks.

Notion needs boundaries for it to be effective though. You can lose yourself in a sea of pages 😳. This is where Build a Second Brain (BASB) by Tiago Forte comes in.

BASB defines 4 categories for your digital files:

  • projects
  • areas
  • resources
  • archive

Projects are things that you want to get done that have an ending. Areas are like projects. They can be comprised of tasks you need to do but the difference is that Areas never end. A project would be "write this blog post" vs an area of "Content Creation". These two are confused often. It's important figure our what your areas are so you don't keep projects around that never end.

Resources are things you need to finish your projects and keep your areas to an acceptable standard.

Archive is anything you aren't using right now.

Maggie Appleton has a great visual explainer over on her blog of all of these things!

Back to notion. We set up each of these folders in our notion.

We made projects and resources both tables. This allows you to create inline references to each of them.

Resources is a page of pages where each page is some sort of note or item that we use to complete projects. This is where our Notes and Video archive table lives.