Developing Athens Research in Emacs

Overview of my set up

I am using Doom Emacs with Cider, clj-kondo, clj-refactor and the clojure-lsp.

Follow my Doom Emacs installation guide here: Install Doom Emacs.

Open the project

I have athens saved as a Projectile project. I can SPC TAB n to add a new workspace and then SPC p p to open my local athens project.

Start the app

The first thing I do is open a terminal SPC o T (I have vterm installed) and I run lein dev. This starts our development servers. You should see output like this when everything is done building:

❯ lein dev
shadow-cljs - HTTP server available at http://localhost:3000
shadow-cljs - server version: 2.10.22 running at http://localhost:9630
shadow-cljs - nREPL server started on port 8777
shadow-cljs - watching build :main
shadow-cljs - watching build :renderer
[:main] Configuring build.
[:renderer] Configuring build.
[:main] Compiling ...
[:renderer] Compiling ...
[:main] Build completed. (78 files, 0 compiled, 0 warnings, 1.96s)
[:renderer] Build completed. (6391 files, 4 compiled, 0 warnings, 20.12s)

This tells us that our nRepl server is on port 8777. Since this server is already running, we just need to connect to it. You dont need to jack in, this would start a server for us. So SPC m C or ciders default emacs chord C-c C-x c s. Then select :shadow-select, enter port 8777. the prompt shows me a random port to select, I never select it and always enter 8777

Before our repl will work You'll get this error No available JS runtime. See, you need to run electron. An easy way to do this is start it with npx: In the root of your project npx electron .