Install Doom Emaces

Doom Emacs is a Emacs distribution that allows to you install modules of functionality. There are a set number of default modules configured for you, most prominently, Evil Mode: the vi layer in emacs.

These are instructions for Mac/Linux, if you're on windows I recommend looking at ervingad's window instructions here.

First things first, you need to install Homebrew. I try to install as many programs from homebrew as I can. This way I can reduce the overhead of keeping all my dependencies up to date.

Once homebrew is installed, there are a couple utils you need for doom emacs.

brew install git ripgrep coreutils fd

I am on MacOS so I have to install the XCode developer tools

xcode-select --install

Some people have ran into issues directly installing emacs from brew (Youtube explanation link) so we are going to use install it a slightly different way:

brew tap d12frosted/emacs-plus
brew install emacs-plus

Now we need to actually install doom emacs. This is down through cloneing the git repo into your ~/.emacs.d file that installing emacs-plus gave you.

git clone ~/.emacs.d

After this, we want to run doom install. This command can be run from the recently cloned doom-emacs project.

~/.emacs.d/bin/doom install

You will want to add this doom command to your path because any time you update the config, you will need to run doom refresh to sync those changes.

# inside your .zshrc or .bash_profile
export PATH=$PATH:~/.emacs.d/bin

Finally, run emacs in your terminal and you should see the doom homepage.


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