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Just Start Writing

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Today, I went to a React Meet up in Portland Oregon (first one! :confetti_ball:). It was awesome and I highly recommend that everyone go to meetups that focus on the particular technology that you are interested in.

Side note: in this meet up, we went over Javascript generators and redux-saga. The talk was by @jhooks. I would highly recommend reading his post on redux-sagas.

This post isn't about meet ups or technology in general though :wink:. It comes from a conversation I had after the meet up on how to get a job in the Tech industry (you could probably apply these techniques to any industry). We talked about what the best ways for a person getting into the Tech industry should be doing to land a job.

The number one thing you need to do is write code, break things, and live to tell the story.

The only way to get better at something is by doing it. If this means that you need to repeatedly do a task such as re-writing a project that you have done before in another framework or language, then do it. After you have done this and learned something from it, write about what you learned and the process that it took you to learn this new thing! Some one could come along and benefit from the way you learned that thing. A more direct bonus is that when you are applying for jobs, you can point to the blog post and the github repo of something that you have built and understand. This gives you a step ahead of someone that isn't doing this. If anything at all, it shows how you think and how to solve problems. This sort of process, learning something and writing it down, can be applied to more than technical blogging. Writing can offer an outlet to understand what you think in a clear and concise way.

With this being said, I need to follow this advice as well. It is good to practise the skill of explaining things with text. It, at least for me, gives me a better idea of how much I understand the problem at hand. Writing is hard and I am bad at it but the only way to get better is to just start writing.