Learning Javascript the Right Way

In this blog, I am going to document what I have been interested in lately. I’ve heard that writing things down can help solidify what you have been thinking about. Hopefully this turns out to be true and maybe I will be able to improve my writing skills while I’m at it.

Recently, I have taken a liking to Javascript ()even though it might be an endless black hole). It has been moving at such a fast pace; it’s overwhelming for new developers to know what they need to learn.

I have experienced a good amount of A.D.D. when it comes to JS frame works. First it was Angluar, then React, and then I heard about how awesome observables were with RXjs, next I was wondering if I should take on functional programming and then, of course, there are the next standards of Javascript!

The point of all of this is this: I need to take a step back and really learn the fundamentals before I take on a JS framework.

I am going to be posting on the features of Javascript that I have found difficult to understand.

Hear are some cool links: