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Org Roam Server

Org Roam Server gives you a clickable graph to explore your notes. It has a "Current Buffer" view that shows the notes that are linked from or to your current note in emacs. With Org Roam Protocol you can click the node to open up that note.


Clone the org-roam-server to your desktop.

git clone https://github.com/org-roam/org-roam-server

Then add the simple-httpd and org-roam-server config to your .doom.d/config.el.

;; Interactive Org Roam Server Graph
(require 'simple-httpd)
(setq httpd-root "/var/www")
(use-package org-roam-server
:ensure nil
:load-path "~/Desktop/01-projects/org-roam-server")

To start the graph server, run this command:

M-x org-roam-server-mode RET