Org Roam

Roam Research Doom Emacs clone that extends Org Mode


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Ephemeral Scratchings

These are notes that you take while you are working. If the note feels like it has legs, it can be extracted into Todo/notes to be completedā€¦


Daily thoughts šŸŒ± Monday, May 11, 2020 I looked at [[Daniel Chapman]] 's blog (we have the same set up) to get breadcrumbs implemented inā€¦

Org Roam Bibtex

Table of Contents Introduction Zotero for Bibliography management Set up Org Noter Set up Helm Bibtex Set up Org Ref Org Roam Bibtex (ORBā€¦

Org Roam Server

tags: [[Org Roam]] , [[Org Mode]] , [[Doom Emacs]] Org Roam Server gives you a clickable graph to explore your notes. It has a "Currentā€¦

Roam Research Clones

I am collecting clones of Roam Research. Azlen Elza created this prototype on twitter Athens is an [[Open Source]] version [[Org Roamā€¦