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React Rally 2019 🦑


Glen Maddern

Fab.dev (Frontend Application Bundles). Basically docker for front end frameworks.

fab overview

Technically Creative

Mihai Cernusca @mcernusca

A function that generates SVG's.

Using geometric algorithms to get the points you need.

Visual Schafolding tools.

  • Cheap
  • Modular
  • Temporary

If the last 10% is 90% of the work, let's shoot for 85%.

  • mihai.fyi/off-balance

Is React Translated Yet?

Nat Alison @tesseralis

A talk on how to scale a large project.


Saving the Web, 16ms at a Time

Josh Comeau

Interaction with the ui 50ms-100ms

Animation: 16ms

Input latency 👎

Matt Perry and Chantastic on React Podcast

Rendering Performance by Paul Lewis

CSS Triggers

opacity and transform bypass layout and paint.

will-change is a way to let the browser know to optimize a transition. Use it when you have a problem you need to fix.