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📝 The Complete Guide to FaunaDB

These are notes on Chris Biscardi's FaunaDB playlist.

An Introduction to FaunaDB

Fauna is a document store. Uses a lambda calculus query language.

Key terms:

  • snap shot isolation
  • strict serializable

FaunaDB implements Calvin: a transactional protocol optimized for geographic replication.

Calvin [is] a transaction processing and replication layer designed to transform a generic, non-transactional, un-replicated data store into a fully ACID, consistently replicated distributed database system. Calvin supports horizontal scalability of the database and unconstrained ACID-compliant distributed transactions while supporting both asynchronous and Paxos-based synchronous replication, both within a single data center and across geographically separated data centers.

Jespson report goes over different aspects of this database.

Creating your first FaunaDB database

Use FQL to query the document store.

Overview of the FaunaDB Query Language

  • everything returns a value
  • no changes are committed if something goes wrong

Each of the drivers implement FQL slightly differently.

Ref is how you access documents or sets of documents.

Event is a special object that represents everything that has happened in the database.

There is a temporal aspect to fauna because it creates events.

Refs and Get in FaunaDB

Get will retrieve the value of the ref. When you pass a Ref to Get, Get will retrieve the value.

FQL Page objects can be arguments to array functions

Page objects allow you to paginate your data. You can pass Page objects directly to functions like Drop and Take.

Using FQL Lambdas in Array Functions

Lambdas can be passed to functions like Map or Filter.

When using Lambdas in FQL, you all ways have to give the variable a name. This variable is a string. Inside of the Lambda, you reference that variable with Var.

Accessing fields through Refs with Select

This lesson shows us how to map over an array of data and select on property off of the resulting data (the first name). We use Select, passing the path of the attribute we want to access, to grab the firstName of the user. This function is passed to Lambda which is used to Map over the paginated all_customers index.

FaunaDB + Netlify Livestream

You have to use the CLI to add the FaunaDB add on.

Consistent transactions over geo-distributed graphs.

Chris looks for what issues Jepson test finds and sees if that service acknowledges the flaws and goes back and fixes them.