Variable Spaced Fonts in Doom Emacs

You can use the mixed-pitch package to manage your variably spaced fonts in Doom Emacs.

;; .doom.d/config.el
(use-package mixed-pitch
;; If you want it in all text modes:
(text-mode . mixed-pitch-mode)) ;; or org-mode

Remember to require the package:

;; .doom.d/packages.el
(package! mixed-pitch)


Next you may notice that your company completions are off. This requires installing company-box. Doom gives us a flag on company to install and manage this dependency for us.

;; .doom.d/init.el
(company +childframe)

Doom will add the package! and add-hook code for us now.

I had to restart emacs to get this to work.

Set the Font Height

@denis631 on the doom discord server needed to set the height of their font and did it like this:

(use-package! mixed-pitch
:hook (org-mode . mixed-pitch-mode)
(setq mixed-pitch-set-heigth t)
(set-face-attribute 'variable-pitch nil :height 180))


  • github search for +childframe